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   Promoters:- ‘MintValley Corporate Centre’
   Services:-     Virtual Offices & Services Offices
   Location:-     Kochi (Cochin).

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About Virtual Office:

The Virtual Office Concept  ;  A Virtual Office is ideal for.
What does our 'Virtual Office' provides to the subscribers?
Where is the 'Virtual Office' provider located?
Mega Industrial Projects at Kochi

Virtual Office Marketing Strategy


The Virtual Office Concept


As companies look for more ways to improve productivity and better manage costs, the virtual office environment will be one of the most popular solutions considered. It makes easier for companies or individuals to develop their business in different locations.

The Virtual Office fulfills all of the roles of a traditional office, but curbs direct cost, such as real estate, furniture, hardware, software and maintenance costs, hiring, training, payroll or insurance for an administrative staff etc. It has a noticeable impact because there is no other office programme in existence that eliminates 99% of the office costs.


(Kindly look at the 'virtual office' packages in our partner's site
at: Offices


A Virtual Office is ideal for:


Virtual offices can benefit a wide range of users. This ranges from new business start-ups who wish to test a new market, an individual working from home seeking a professional image to a multinational company looking for a short term solution to gain a foothold in a new location.


(Click the following link to view the article from "Indian Express"
based on MintValley’s virtual office concept).

'Now, Virtual Offices that serve virtually all needs'


What does our 'Virtual Office' provides to the subscribers?


By integrating our expertise into reality, we offer virtual office concept that makes easier for companies or individuals to develop a foothold in a new area.

There is a wide range of services from the basic, such as a landmark address, telephone answering, web services to the more advanced like Video Conferencing, Voice over IP, VPN Services, MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) based VPNs etc. (VPN is the ideal choice to achieve convergence of voice, video and data on a managed network)

Our customers are offered Administrative support, Legal support, Marketing, Liaison, Logistics and Technical support to develop their business proposition.

(Marketing support includes maintain industry specific product database & project information, data distribution free directory listings, free search engine submission in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN, free optimization (SEO) etc. ;

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are strategies that can increase an organization's online business. It's all about increasing customers, sales and profits and achieving measurable results.


Where is the 'Virtual Office' provider located?


The 'Virtual Office' is located at ‘MintValley Corporate Centre’, Kochi. Kochi is the commercial capital and the most cosmopolitan capital of Kerala, India. We can foresee a great development potential in the coming years in Kochi because of its close proximity to the international east-west trade route between Asia and Europe.


Mega Industrial Projects at Kochi


India is committed to the development of Container Terminal (ICTT) in Vallarpadam, the country's first global hub terminal, is all set to alter the development map of Kerala, by ushering in huge investment in the coming years.

Vallarpadam, Puthu Vypeen (Harbour islands, Kochi) adjacent to the navigational channels and outer Harbour are the hotspots for development of port facilities and Port Based Industries.

The ICTT (Rs. 2,118 crore International Container Transshipment Terminal, Vallarpadam) project is set to launch a series of ventures including the Ship-building Hub worth Rs. 2,100-crore, the Rs 1,600-crore LNG Terminal, the Port-based Special Economic Zone (Rs 1,510-crore), International Ship Repair complex (Rs 315-crore), SBM (single buoy moorings) for Kochi Refineries Ltd (Rs 720-crore), International Bunkering Terminal, Bulk Cargo Terminals, Cruise Ship Terminals, International Marina, Petro Chemical Complex, Kochi for Gas Authority of India (Rs 7,000-crore) and its Ancillaries etc.

The ''  is one of the  key project resource portals of Mint Valley Group of sites, Kochi, with an aim to boost the economic developments in the region).


Virtual Office Marketing Strategy


(A rich network to better showcase your business)




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